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Here, we invite you to explore a selection of projects that showcase the breadth and depth of our capabilities in utility, grading, concrete, and demolition. Each project we undertake is a testament to our dedication to precision, quality, and client satisfaction.

Estes & Sons is proud to be at the forefront of community improvement efforts in Decatur. We are currently managing the demolition of two blighted homes, a crucial step in revitalizing the neighborhood and ensuring a safer, more attractive environment for residents. To learn more about this project and its impact on the community, please visit the WSB-TV news article.

Sutallee Ridge (Demolition)

Douglasville (Demolition)

City of Rome (Demolition)

Stanley Martin (Demolition)

Varkel Lane (Grading & Utilities)

Gwinnet (Demolition)

Misc. Projects

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